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We were cordially invited today to the awaited “Kuwait International Film Retreat” event at Hilton Mangaf. This is the first time we have something like a film festival in Kuwait where we have a red carpet and celebrities.

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We arrived at 7:00 pm, luckily for us, the guests and celebrities were just starting to arrive.  It was really great to see and meet all those famous Arab stars and celebrities on the red carpet :)

Among the attended celebrities were Samir Ghanim (remember Batota ?), Nabila Obaid, Hayat Al-Fahad, Jasim Al-Nabhan, Mohammad Jaber, Maryam Al-Saleh, Abdulaziz Al-Mussalem,Hessa Al-Loghany, Zeina Karam, Yaqoub Abdullah, Mishary Al-Balam, and many others.

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I believe this event will really help push Kuwaiti Cinema to the next level. There were many TV channels covering the event too, such as MBC, Al-Watan and many others.

Also many interviews were made with the attendees and they all agreed that the event is amazing.

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There was this Indian man that looked like Mahatma Gandhi, don’t know who he is :) The guests then went inside the big tent where a classic Kuwaiti band was performing. Then they played the Egyptian recent film “Microphone”.

Later the guests had a romantic exquisite dinner. The Film Retreat event will continue for another todays, and tomorrow there will be the Kuwaiti Young Film contest at Al Kout mall.

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There will also be three workshops for Film Production, Screenwriting and Story Developement, and Digital Cinema.

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Today we got the chance to see the famous singer NE-YO at the Avenues mall at 4:30 PM. Frankly, I never knew NE-YO had all those fans in Kuwait, I never knew he was coming until I heard the shouting and fans screaming “NE-YO, NE-YO” :)

Apparently, he came in  Limo, which took him first to Al-Mayas restaurant at Al-Beda”a, then brought him to Avenues for his fans. What made me laugh is how guys were like “Huh !!” when they saw how girls would do anything to take a shot with him.

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NE-YO was standing on the platform dancing and waving for the crowd, some were lucky to get his signature and take personal photos. Afterwards, they arranged a concert at Sahara club.

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A friend of mine was at the Avenues mall today and he saw that iPad 2 3G was available at iCity shop. Their prices were as follow:

iPad 2 3G – 16 GB for 349 K.D

iPad 2 3G – 32 GB for 369 K.D

iPad 2 3G – 64 GB for 389 K.D

Now if you ask me, the prices could have been improved ! The 3G version is way better than the Wi-Fi version. Also it was available in two colors, black and white.

Thanks [Bader]

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Yesterday, Al-Ghanim BMW agency had launched the first new generation of BMW 6-series convertible. It looked really sexy and much more appealing than the previous generation, and of course more powerful.

I really wish I could just wanted to jump inside it and take a long test drive on the Gulf road.

I had a chit chat with salesman and I came to know that 4 pieces of the convertible will be available at the agency on May, the booking had already started with 500 K.D down payment. There will be 640i (320 hp V6) and 650i (407 hp V8) for 30,000 K.D and 35,000 K.D, respectively.

As for the non-convertible, it will be available at the agency on September, and the cost will be around 25,000 K.D. As for the one that was unveiled yesterday, it was already sold to a lucky Kuwaiti girl ;)

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تجاهل مؤتمر لندن الذي عقد أمس بحضور امريكا وأوروبا والعرب وأفريقيا طلباً تقدم به العقيد القذافي وألمحت إليه من بعيد وزيرة الخارجية الامريكية هيلاري كلينتون في مؤتمرها الصحفي والمتضمن فهمهم لمطالبه أولاً مقابل استعداده لوقف العمليات القتالية التي تقوم بها قواته ضد الثوار والتفاوض حول تسليم السلطة شرط ان يمنح  لقب خادم الحرمين الشريفين وأمير المؤمنين وأنه ليس أقل من أي ملك أو زعيم عربي آخر وأن على الملك عبدالله أل سعود أن يتنازله عن لقب خادم الحرمين الشريفين خاصة وأنه يفهم في الدين كثير.ا

اكتفي بهذا القدر واترك لكم التعليق :) ا


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Ministry of Education had started installing surveillance cameras at Kuwait schools. The first camera was fixed at “Salah Al Deen’ school.

I think is a great start for providing more security for our students. As I understood this will include all the 771 schools in Kuwait for all the levels.

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I just saw this video for Kuwaiti films that will join the Kuwait International Film Retreat event tomorrow. Some of the films titles include: War Zone, Saber, The Choice, The Bloom, The Twist, Swing, and many others.

Some films were pure action type, while others were social and drama. I think this is the first real attempt for Kuwatiti young generation to give us true 7th Art productions.

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A live video for an eagles nest in IOWA state attracted thousands of people that enjoyed watching them from day one till they laid their eggs, and hatched. Its more like a reality TV, but this time for animals :)

I think this is a great idea for those who want to learn about the American eagle life in great detail. I love to watch animals documentary TV programs.

Sadly, the eagles were in a deep sleep when I watched the live cam :(

To watch the live cam Click Here

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