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This must be one of the longest days of my life, going in detail will take forever ! But let me tell you about the weird part, our super computer stopped working for a reason I can’t yet realise.

I took it to the workshop but again he couldn’t explain what was wrong, and you know all of our important files are stored on it, Also we could not post anything, it seems computer and blogging just don’t mix :p :(

Well, I wanted a quick solution, so I headed to Al Ghanim Payless electronics store in Shuwaikh to buy a computer.

There were good laptops with reasonable prices, I also saw a MacBook Air for 350 K.D but I still prefer PC’s :)

So I found a good HP laptop for 280 K.D and decided to buy it. I made a short video for the laptop and the unboxing. I tried to transfer the old hard disk contents to the new computer, buy guess what ? I keep getting a message “You don’t have permission to access files”, so the game ain’t finish yet !

YouTube Preview Image

I also found these the store :)

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54 year old, Cindy Jackson, takes plastic surgeries to the extreme with over 52 procedures with total cost of $100,000 (30,000 K.D), including 14 full-scale operations as well as cuts, pulls, peels and jabs. She also had Botox, five face-lifts and liposuction, and  her eyes have been done – twice !

This brings an important issue in Kuwait because I’m seeing more and more girls with really bad plastic surgeries done. I’ve seen girls with really odd looking noses, ugly dimples, odd looking botox injected lips and cheeks, and badly tattooed brows.What really impresses me though is that most only care about the cheaper price to decide which surgeon to choose, neglecting how dangerous this could be.

I think many girls are having issues with insecurities and vanity rather than big nose, small lips, cheeks. Surgeries using the knife should be the last resort, because it may actually end up looking worse and its also very addictive. Remember, if someone can tell you had a cosmetic surgery, then it means it was a failure because it has to look natural.

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We went for to the newly soft-opened “THE CONFECTIONERS SHOP” today at Al-Tilal complex in Shuweikh area. The Confectioners Shop is a new Kuwaiti-based concept for Confectioneries.

The shop had opened a few days ago, and it is run and managed by two young energetic Kuwaiti girls. I had a nice chat with the owners and had asked them several questions about their idea.

Their story is fairly unique, they started making sweets like cookies and dips as a hobby, then they found that their sweets were admired by many, so they had chocolate classes in Switzerland.

When they came back to Kuwait, they opened their own shop. I liked how one of them works as a manager and other works as the chef.

Currently they serve the following:

Cookies: Honey nut and oat, mint chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate nut.

Dipped strawberries: Marshmallow and cookies, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate.

They said that they will soon have more Confectioneries added to their menu.

I tried their cookies and dipped strawberry with milk chocolate and cookies and it tasted really delicious. I also liked how they had homy and cozy interior design with nice decorations.

Their packaging looked cute and neat.

Currently, they are not fully opened , but am sure when they are 100% opened, the shop will look amazing. As for the prices, 1 dozen of dipped chocolates costs 8 K.D.

Address: Tilal Complex -Shuweikh.

Phone: +965 97736445

Opening times: 6 pm – 10:00 pm

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ارسلت لنا احد زميلات المدونة بعض الصور لمعرض مستلزمات الاعراس المقام حاليا في منتجع هلتون المنقف في قاعة الدرة. بدأ المعرض بالامس ويستمر لغاية اليوم.ا

فكرة المعرض جيدة لمن لديهم اعراس وبحاجة لشراء مستلتزماتها تحت سقف واحد, ويحتوي المعرض على فساتين اعراس, وعطور, ومصورين, واكسسوارات وساعات وغيرها الكثير.ا

شكرا سارة

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The Egyptian, Amr Katamesh, had won the title for Arabs’ Got Talent show on MBC 4 TV channel. The grand prize are Half million riyals Saudi and Chevrolet camaro.

Ok now I fully agree that he has creative acting skills, but I didn’t imagine that he will be the grand winner, because we already have many people with similar talent in the Arab world, and what we need is to see new kind of talents.

Congratulations to Amr !

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We had a chance to attend the on-going carnival at Sha’ab leisure park. It started yesterday and will continue until today.

What I liked about this carnival is the location, being located inside the Park in the open atmosphere is  fun ! I hope other carnivals choose outdoor locations rather than halls.

Its nice idea to enjoy the carnival while at the same time you could take the family and kids to enjoy the park.

There was also a talent show, and other activities. Though I wish if I have seen more participants and more booths and varieties, but again the weather was amazing and it was sorta fun.

For more information, call #+965 66446099.

Thanks [Sami]

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توج فريق القادسية للموسم الثالث على التوالي بلقب الدوري الكويتي الممتاز لكرة القدم بعدما تغلب على الكويت 2’صفر اليوم الجمعة في ختام منافسات المرحلة الحادية والعشرين من المسابقة.ا

واختتم القادسية الموسم برصيد 51 نقطة في الصدارة وبفارق أربع نقاط أمام الكويت وصيف البطل. وافتتح فهد الأنصاري التسجيل للقادسية في الدقيقة 29, وبعد ست دقائق من بداية الشوط الثاني أضاف فراس الخطيب الهدف الثاني للقادسية.ا

صعب يالملكي :)ا

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Today, we attended the last day for the amazing “Kuwait International Film Retreat” event at Hilton resort. We arrived there at 7:00 pm, there were workshop earlier for Screenwriting and Story Developement. but sadly I couldn’t attend them.

The Young Film Contest had also announced the winners for their contest, and I wanted to meet some of the young Kuwaiti directors and see how this will help take Kuwaiti cinema to the next level.

I liked how the organizers selected reputable judges to select the winners, there was also voting for the Directing & Filmmaking, Cinematography & Photography, and Editing & Sound for Cinema.

The results were announced by the distinguished TV presenter Barakat Al-Wegayan.

YouTube Preview Image

They also honored the actors that gave support to this event, and like we always do, we had the chance to meet the winner young Kuwaiti director, Dawood Shuail.

YouTube Preview Image

We wish congratulate the winners for the achievements, and wish them all the best !

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