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We had a chance to attend the on-going carnival at Sha’ab leisure park. It started yesterday and will continue until today.

What I liked about this carnival is the location, being located inside the Park in the open atmosphere is  fun ! I hope other carnivals choose outdoor locations rather than halls.

Its nice idea to enjoy the carnival while at the same time you could take the family and kids to enjoy the park.

There was also a talent show, and other activities. Though I wish if I have seen more participants and more booths and varieties, but again the weather was amazing and it was sorta fun.

For more information, call #+965 66446099.

Thanks [Sami]

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توج فريق القادسية للموسم الثالث على التوالي بلقب الدوري الكويتي الممتاز لكرة القدم بعدما تغلب على الكويت 2′صفر اليوم الجمعة في ختام منافسات المرحلة الحادية والعشرين من المسابقة.ا

واختتم القادسية الموسم برصيد 51 نقطة في الصدارة وبفارق أربع نقاط أمام الكويت وصيف البطل. وافتتح فهد الأنصاري التسجيل للقادسية في الدقيقة 29, وبعد ست دقائق من بداية الشوط الثاني أضاف فراس الخطيب الهدف الثاني للقادسية.ا

صعب يالملكي :) ا

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Today, we attended the last day for the amazing “Kuwait International Film Retreat” event at Hilton resort. We arrived there at 7:00 pm, there were workshop earlier for Screenwriting and Story Developement. but sadly I couldn’t attend them.

The Young Film Contest had also announced the winners for their contest, and I wanted to meet some of the young Kuwaiti directors and see how this will help take Kuwaiti cinema to the next level.

I liked how the organizers selected reputable judges to select the winners, there was also voting for the Directing & Filmmaking, Cinematography & Photography, and Editing & Sound for Cinema.

The results were announced by the distinguished TV presenter Barakat Al-Wegayan.

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They also honored the actors that gave support to this event, and like we always do, we had the chance to meet the winner young Kuwaiti director, Dawood Shuail.

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We wish congratulate the winners for the achievements, and wish them all the best !

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شاهدنا في ليلة الاول من امس كيف كان البرق ينير سماء الكويت اشارة الى موسم ما قبل السرايات, شخصيا لم اشاهد البرق في سماء الكويت من قبل بهذه الطريقة وفعلا كان المنظر جميل لكن غريب نوعا ما.ا

قام احد الاصدقاء بتسجيل مقطع فيديوا للفكلي الكويتي صالح العجيري يتحدث لنا عن السرايات ويعطينا توقعات الطقس للايام القادمة على برنامج تو الليل.ا

الحمدالله ان الطقس اكثر من رائع خلال عطلة نهاية الاسبوع. الله يعطيه طولت العمر

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I came to know that the famous business consultant and personal development coach “Bob Proctor” is coming to Kuwait on April 27th and 28th at GUST.

He is also an important proponent of the law of attraction theory and he is a primary contributor to the New York Times’s best selling “The Secret”.

I remember he was also the star for the “Beyond The Secret Movie”.

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Building your future house can be really a tough job, especially if you didn’t study construction civil engineering, or you haven’t had any past experience with construction works and building contractors !

I worked on many construction projects, and I know how greedy some contractors can get ! Trust me, if they ever sense that you don’t really know the game, they’ll easily rip you off, Literally !

My friend yesterday at “Dewaniya” had shown me a book in Arabic that he bought from “ABYAT” store in Shuweikh, this book explains everything about buildings and constructions in a very simple language.

I also bought a great book sometime back from Virgin Megastore in Marina mall, and it deals with the legal part of constructions in Kuwait, and I learned a lot from it.

My advice is to buy both books, trust me, some day you will face the building contractors in one way or another whether you are building you family house, renovating or even helping a relative or a friend.

See this short video from the classic hilarious movie “The Naked Gun”, and you will see how vicious building contractors can get :p

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Do you know the famous Egyptian Paparazzi that have taken 1000′s of photos with almost every celebrity out there ? He’s in Kuwait, and guess what ? We made an exclusive interview with him and got to know him in person and even take a personal photo with him :)

We saw him at the Kuwait International Film Retreat, and what can I say, the man is really funny ! Check out our Interview below and you will get a better idea.

YouTube Preview Image

and guys see this hilarious video for “Yahya” at the at the 2010 American Music Awards. I’m still laughing ! Thanks “Yahya” you are truly a legend and you really made my weekend :p

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A new earth quake with magnitude 7.4 on Richter scale had hit the east coast of Japan and now they are worried about new Tsunami to form.

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