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We were invited by Kuwaiti company specialized in top of the line digital entertainment solutions “Envision” at Tilal complex for the pre-launch of the first Kuwaiti engineered full HD portable media player “ENVO PLAY”.

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ENVO PLAY is basically a portable media player than can play HD movies and other media formats such as MP3, PDF, WMA, MOV, FLV, WMV..etc. We were given free ENVO device to give our impressions on it.

Personally, I was interested because the device was thought by Kuwaiti mentality, I liked how it is simple Plug ‘n Play, just connect it to your computer or Mac with the USB, transfer files and enjoy watching them on 6 in screen with good resolution and sound.

It can also be connected to flash drive or hard drive via a mini USB, good feature ! and it has HDMI outlet to connect to the TV to watch movies in 1080p full HD , this is great for home theaters.

There was remote control, headset, charger, protective cover, component cable. The price is 39 KD for 5in and 49 for the 6in screen, very reasonable !

My remark is that if they had more colors, it would look more appealing, though the specs, functions and value are great. The ENVO will be available in Kuwait stores very soon.


Phone: 67093730 or 97205371

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I went to the new marvel movie “THOR” at cinescape 360 IMAX screen today at 4:00 pm. Those who don’t like marvel-based movies (Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Ironman..etc) will not like THOR either.

Also I highly recommend watching it on 3D IMAX. The story is pretty simple, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions re-ignite an ancient war, then he got banished to Earth where he is forced to live among humans. When the most dangerous villain of his world sends its darkest forces to invade Earth.

Among the cast were Chris Hemswoth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins. I’d give it 8/10

What’s really funny though is that when I was driving back home, I was caught by a dust-rain storm and the wind and lighting were exactly like the movie :)

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I saw this advertisement today for Wataniya telecom hinting that the ability to transfer mobile phone numbers between the three telecom companies in Kuwait (VIVA, Zain, and Wataniya) will soon be possible.

Many people have been waiting for this particular feature, which took several years of negotiations and it was raised before that they first need to establish a governmental Authority for telecommunications.

Hopefully soon we will be able to transfer our numbers among the three carriers, and this can be really helpful, especially if you really like your current number but seeking to change the company.

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Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum is organizing a photography competition for the classic cars at the museum in Shuwaikh area, and there will be great prizes for winners. The deadline is 28 May, 2011

The competition will be for:

-Best colored photo for a classic car in the museum.

-Best photo for a classic car logo.

-Best photo in Black&White.

-Best photo selected by the visitors.

I think this is a great idea for pro DSLR owners to prove their skills, I’m getting my own DSLR very soon and I’ll try my luck ;)

For more information call 66005261

Address: Shuwaikh Industrial Area, block 1, street 49

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Finally we got to see the long awaited Royal wedding for prince William, and his lover Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. 1900 guests attended and about one billion were watching the wedding world wide.

That’s about 1/5 of world population, that’s a lot !

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pinkberry opened another branch at Salem Mubarak street near BHS. I noticed it was almost empty, so now their fans can enjoy their yogurt without having to wait the long queue like in the Avenues :)

The had nice in-door sitting too.

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We had a lot fun today at “The Flying Triathlon V.03″ in Julai’a Sea Shell resort. The triathlon is organized by The 3 Club and was managed by Q8 Xtreme team member Ahmad Al-Majed.

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The triathlon started at 6:00 am, I had to set an alarm last night at 5:00 so I could catch-up with the event :)

As you are aware, am fitness and health dedicated, this is why I love to cover such events and enjoy it !

There were about 88 participants from different countries, ages and genders. I liked the enthusiastic spirit in the participants ! They started with swimming, then cycling and finally running.

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There were both amateurs and Olympicans, the latter had longer distances. Also, I noticed teen girls participating, nice to see teens into endurance sports.

The weather was amazing, I felt like I wanna take off my shirt and join them !

Also, Ahmad Al-Majed and his team did amazing job keeping the triathlon well-planned. Thankfully there were no injuries except a minor for a Kuwaiti participant.

We wish to thank The 3 Club for organizing such healthy events ! We need that in Kuwait. Also, we wish to extend our thanking to the sponsors.

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I was surfing the news and I noticed that multi-billionaire whose also running for U.S president 2012, Donald Trump, said in a news conference yesterday that Kuwait never paid U.S. back for ousting Saddam Hussein back in 1990 !

He was also talking about increasing oil prices and blaming Saudi Arabia for that.

Let’s hope he doesn’t become the next U.S president ! Check the video below at 5:45

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