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VIVA had released a advertisement in which they are thanking the bloggers which have participated in their social media event last week.

We wish to congratulate all the bloggers and we wish to also extend our gratitude to VIVA.


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This is one of the marvel movies I’m patiently waiting for, the last part “Wolverine” was good and full of thrilling action.

This part goes back to the beggining of X-Men saga, and shows how they opened a school for the superhuman abilities.

The good news is that it will be released in Kuwait on 1st of June, which is even before the U.S. release date, and bad news is that Hugh Jackman will not show up in this part.

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about high water consumption in Kuwait, and now Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) had announced Kuwait had recorded the highest consumption on a global scale with around 500 liters per capita.

It means that one person consumes about 500 liters in one day, that’s really sky-high ! Such level of consumption is irrational, despite the government’s efforts to prevent such abuse of valuable resources.

Also, to even make things worst, we have the least amount of renewable water resources in the world, how sad !

Via [KUNA]

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Cinescape will soon launch their application for iPhone. The application will provide ticket reservation, showing and upcoming movies, news…etc

It’s a great idea and very helpful, but what about Android phones users ?

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A friend of mine wanted the White iPhone so badly, even though I can’t understand the hype about it. We went over to Eureka today only to find out that it was SOLD-OUT from the first day, wow !

When we hear White iPhone, we think there is more to it, but its just a color and we can notice how all companies release their phones in different colors but Apple are smarter than we think.

They delayed, made statements and the result is a very smart marketing !

I wanted out-smart Apple, so I suggested to my friend to get this ;)

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Now for many years we heard numerous news about Osama Bin Laden killed in air strikes or shootings, I have my doubts that he was killed today.

Some sources have also mentioned that his body was disposed at the sea while others stated that he was buried in the desert in accordance with Islamic Share’aa.

Also Benazir Bhutto (Former PM of Pakistan) said that Bin Laden was ‘Murdered’ back in November 2, 2007.

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A new Kuwaiti cultural satellite  TV channel called “albawadi tv” was launched by Abdulaziz Al-Babtain yesterday. The new channel will broadcast and focus on cultural programs and events, Arabian poetry, Kuwaiti heritage in addition to many other entertainment programs.

I liked the idea of “albawadi tv” because it serves as a real  purpose, we are also fed up of those cheap political channels that only make things worse.

Frequency NileSat: 11555 V


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While being  at Burj Jassem today for Maki restaurant today I noticed a shop specialized in gift wrappings called “Prêt À Presenter”.

I was interested because they had nice fashion-inspired wrappings for various occasions with colors and styles.

Phone: 22960919


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