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Kiss transmission device ?! Now I’ve seen bad inventions but this one beats them all, literally !

Though I admit that I laughed at the idea of French kissing virtually :)

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While driving nearby Burj Jassem in Kuwait city, I noticed that they’re are soon opening a new branch for FatBurger. This is great news because now we don’t have to drive all the way to Fintas to enjoy their burgers.

Also, this new branch looks bigger than the one at spoons.

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We just paid a little visit to the on-going Downtown expo at Kuwait International Fair in Hall#8, and we are glad to say that we enjoyed it.

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Our fans know that we love expos and we enjoy them. The downtown expo started yesterday under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah, and will continue till tomorrow, so you still got a chance to visit it.

This is one of the best expos, also biggest, that I have seen with regards to organization, diversity and number of participants. There were everything from A to Z such as fashion, accessories, foods, sweets, talents, shows, photography.

If you want my advise, visit the expo and you won’t be disappointed.

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This year people are having very early shopping for Ramadan. Hala Ramadan is a shopping expo that will take place in Um Kalthoum hall in 360 Mall starting May 10, till May 12 from 10:00am to 10:00 pm.

I can’t imagine that less than three months left to Ramadan 2011, that was fast !

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Can you ever think about going to this saloon ? I can’t see any place for the word “Beauty” here !

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The Canadian smart phone manufacturer “RIM” had launched the latest edition to BlackBerry family, BlackBerry – Bold Touch 9900/9930. The bold was the most favorable BlackBerry by many, including myself.

I noticed that some of the new specs include: 1.2 Ghz processor, 768 MB ram, 5mp camera, OS 7, 8 GB internal storage memory, LED flash, 2.8 in touch screen, 720 HD video recording. Now comes the big question: Will it survive among the iPhone & Android phones ?

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Only a few fuel stations has Ultra Super gas, while most luxurious auto manufactures nowadays recommend to the clients to use Ultra Super fuel (Octane 98, 90 fils per litre) for enhanced engine efficiency.

Sometimes it really takes time and good memory to locate a fuel station that has it. We have a huge market for Luxury cars in Kuwait.  So come on Oula, Alfa, and KNPC gives us more Ultra Super !

We made you a list for the Oula fuel stations that has Ultra Super, plus the other services and opening times. Click to Enlarge

Another issue that I would like to raise is about the Euro Diesel, there’s only one KNPC station in Shuwaikh area that has it (the pink). Euro diesel has very low sulfur content and its considered a clean fuel with minimal effect on environment.

Currently, KNPC import the Euro diesel all  the way from Europe and the price is 250 fils per liter ! Why don’t we produce it locally ? KNPC had a project called “Clean Fuel” but it was paused for reason I couldn’t yet understand.

Second image via [360Dewan]

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I’m on a challenge to try all frozen yogurt shops in Kuwait, and finally decide which one is the best ! Today after long hours of work and on my way back home, I took a little detour to “Zero degrees” in Jabriya area.

They had four flavors: Original, Pomegranate, Vimto, and Mango. I tasted them all and I liked the Mango and original. They also had many toppings to choose from.

The prices were average, almost similar to the other places though they can be improved. Their frozen yogurt tasted great, though a little more improvement is always welcome :)

Please find the location below.

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