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DSC_3103I really enjoy the activities that allow home businesses as well as small to medium enterprises to blossom and come together for the public to see and enjoy. Qout Market is a brilliant idea put together by PLTQ8. I attended the first one last month it was a success.



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Looks like the heavy rain caused many flooding issues around Kuwait. I posted about expected flooding in Kuwait due to inadequacy and/or failure of storm water drainage systems in Kuwait. I received tons of photos from readers about water flooding around Kuwait including South Surra area, Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait Airport, Qurain area…etc. However what drew my attention is the short video for a flooding inside the Avenues Mall due to the overflowing drainage caused by the heavy rain, I’m surprised because it’s relatively new. This tells us that there are underlying issues in the design and construction, this is bad. Proper engineering for various projects including mega ones is an essential aspect and overlooking it would cause numerous troubles. Problem is most owners only focus on the aesthetic/architectural aspects of buildings. I hope the contractor is willing to fix this issue for the Avenues.

Via [Musaed]

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disrespectfulI am shocked and enraged by what some people have been posting on social media sites and mobile apps in respect of the Arab and Africa Summit that is currently going on in Kuwait. Images like the one above have been going around and I find it disgusting that some people have no shame in displaying their ignorant and rudeness to the guests of Kuwait.

Where is our respect? Where is our hospitality as a nation if we can bluntly call the guests of the nation such? Kuwait, we can do better than this!

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A blog reader says he saw rubber lifeboats at a fire fighters station today. Weather forecast in Kuwait said earlier that heavy rains and floods were expected starting today till the end of the week. I was also kinda fearful last night lest that streets and highways may get flooded due to inadequacy of the storm water drainage systems just like what happened back in the year 1997.

However, I awoke in the early morning to see a bright sun and partially cloudy refreshing sky. Thankfully! Also, popular Kuwaiti astronomer, Dr saleh Alojairy, said that the on going talk about tornadoes and storms is utterly a twaddle, and expected rainfall tomorrow.

That’s good to know since I was almost convinced that I need to purchase a rubber boat for work. (kidding!). On the other hand, I saw this scary video for a real twister in Qatar.

Thanks [Bader][UmKhaloodie]

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The Torch Event is the first of its kind in Kuwait sports and health. Having such events is always welcome.

Where: Kuwait International Fairs Ground, Mishref, Hall 5.

When: 15-18 January 2014.

Phone: 22915692 ext:1600

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Our fella Ali Younis created this short yet creative time-lapse about Kuwait industry at different factories. I felt positive energy as I watched it, especially that weekend is about to come to an end and working days are ahead.

I think two of the featured factories are Shuweikh port and Kuwait recycling plant, not sure about the others.

Thanks [Ali]

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cleaningstreet121Have any of you met young Kuwaiti Men along with their kids cleaning the streets everyday after midnight? I saw them once at Mansouriya area and they were carrying their cleaning equipment and brooms. They said they’re volunteers and doing this solely for the sake of Kuwait, they wish to make it more beautiful and clean and to convey a message to the public. Respect!

What bothers me most is that Kuwaitis do respect the rules while visiting other countries around the world, but sadly many use public streets as their own trash can.

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RunQ8: For our fitness dedicated, this is a 10K charity run/walk at Marina Crescent on the Gulf Road. In its third year, RunQ8 is supporting disabled Children through special Rehabilitation program.

Where: Marina Crescent.

When: November 30, 2013 at 8am


Kuwait 38th Book Fair: I read on the paper that the 38th book fair will start on Wednesday November 20 at Kuwait International Fair and will continue for 10 days. They say over 500 publishers (both Arabic & English) will be participating. As usual, I keep hoping that censorship isn’t strict.

Where: Kuwait International Fair, Mishref.

When: 20th-30th November 2013.


TACK Four Nations Tournament: This is all for cricket fans, the team association for Cricket in Kuwait (TACK) that was established back in 2009 with the aim of developing awareness of the game and to improve its overall standards. I read that over 40 teams have registered and they are ready to compete for the crown. The exciting matches will be between Kuwait, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan with many prize giveaways. So who’s going?

Where: TACK Entertainment City Ground, Doha.

When: November 15, 2013, 6am-10pm.


Pilobolus Shadowland Show: The famous Pilobolus Shadowland dance show to Kuwait for the first time. I read that Pilobolus is an American modern dance company that began performing in October 1971 and has performed over 100 choreographic works in more than 64 countries around the world.

Where: Ice Skating Rink.

When: November 21, 22, 23

Information & Tickets: 55995511


Tmkeen KW: I was told that Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and the Co-Founder of Starbucks, Zev Siegl, are coming to Kuwait for the first time to attend the Youth Empowerment Symposium (Tmkeen).

The goal of this forum is to share the largest firms business founder with the local entrepreneurs/small business owners. This is the first time happening here in Kuwait with large exposure activities.

Where: TBA

When: November 17th-19th

Phone: 99133301 samsaraSamsara: I heard there will be a night of live music under the stars at GUST campus. The event will feature my all time favorite fusion music composer Nawaf Al Gheraibah. Also it will feature a talented orchestra of musicians and vocalists.

Where: GUST University Amphitheatre, Mishref.

When: November 18th at 8pm.

Please do share with us any more events for November so we could share the excitement with our valued readers. Period!

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