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I was informed that GulfRun 24HR Karting Endurance in its 3rd version will be taking place from December 5th to December 7th at the recently launched SIRBB Circuit in Kuwait. So far 18 teams have signed up to compete in the exciting and challenging 24 hour long karting endurance race. Below is a plan sketch for SIRBB race circuit.

Event Schedule
Thursday, December 5:
 -Assigning Karts and Race Practice
Friday, December 6:
 -Start of 24 hour GulfRun Karting Endurance Race
Saturday, December 7:
 -Finish of 24 hour GulfRun Karting Endurance Race


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DSC_3875Kuwait’s appetite and demand for high-end goods is on a continuous rise and Amouage could not have found a better location than The Avenues with brand adjacencies that exemplify the same level of luxury as Amouage.DSC_3896


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20131125_090935When I saw this news headline in the Arab times yesterday,I found it strange that the traffic department would act surprised at these news.

Any body who has driven on our roads in Kuwait, without taking into consideration the accident rates, would have wondered if half of the drivers on our roads actually have a license or rather how they got to have a license to begin with.

I definitely feel that this is huge contributing factor to road incidents in Kuwait.  What do you guys think?

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Yes there’s at least one burger joint opening or closing here or there every a few weeks or so. I received an invitation to attend the opening of Big Smoke Burger at the new restaurant court located right next to The Village restaurant court in Abu Al Hassaniya (I think it’s called Divonne restaurant village). It’s a Canadian franchise from Toronto.

Unfortunately I missed to try out their burgers so I can’t tell whether they can manage to compete with all the other burger joints. I’m planning to make a new post in which I’ll compare popular burger joints over Kuwait to see who make it to the top, the score will be based on taste, price, beef quality, waiting time…etc.

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I awoke earlier than usual today to a very foggy weather, it was so foggy to the point that I can’t see thing 10 meters (30ft) ahead. Coupled with strange silence it reminded me of the survival horror video game Silent Hill. I read on the news that air flights were delayed and that the fog may last for several days.

I advise you all to be extra careful while driving because of extemely poor visibility. Do any of you have any high resolution shots taken for Kuwait City, Kuwait Towers, or Al Hamra Tower in the fog?

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IMG-20131121-WA0101I must say I love the new Evian bottle design that is a collaboration between international Lebanese designer, Elie Saab and Evian! The idea behind the design is Elie Saab,s signature fabric which is lace.elieThis bottle will be available at exclusive outlets,gourmet restaurants across the GCC very soon and Harvey Nichols in Riyadh.

The look of the bottle has done nothing to the taste of the water inside, which I must say isn’t my favorite taste.

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bmwservice11It seems Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive has signed a deal with Oula Fuel Stations to include a service center for BMW, Mini, and Land Rover at their gas stations. As I was fueling my car at Oula Station near Kuwait International Fair in Mishref today I spotted the newly opened center.

They said they provide quick services such as changing engine oil and filter, break pads, general maintenance…etc. This would be great to avoid Shuweikh and Al Rai traffic jams if only other car dealers do the same.

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20131123_200400 (Small)So SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4) has finally hit Kuwait after such a long await, and I’m pretty sure every hard gamer out there is willing to do anything to get his hands on it right now. However, the question to be asked; is it the time now to go ahead and burn your cash to get PS 4 (which is now available at Al Rehab complex in Hawally) or should you wait little longer?

20131123_200146 (Small)Well, there’e an old proverb that says “Patience is a virtue” and this saying can’t get any truer than now. I paid a quick visit to Al Rehab complex today in the early evening, it’s been ages since I’ve been there, and as I approached the complex entrance, a number of strangers were asking me if I want to get PS4 for the best price ever. “Yes, sure” I replied, then they asked me to follow them to their shops on 1st floor.

20131123_200119 (Small)They offered me Sony PlayStation 4 Standard Edition 500 GB Black (NTSC or American version) for KD230 (comes with 1 joystick and without any games), but I managed to bargain the price tag and get it down to around KD215. Some shops were trying to attract me by offering me a free game for KD230. I remember PS 3 was around the same price when it first came out in Kuwait back in 2007 I think. As you may be aware, the official price for PS4 that was announced by SONY is $399 (KD115 roughly), so the price in Kuwait now is almost the double, but I warned about price manipulation in my previous post [link]. I also checked Kuwait online stores such as Souk and Sheeel and the prices were around KD225, which is slightly higher than Rehab complex.

I overheard from some friends that SONY PlayStation 4 will be officially released in Kuwait in about a month with a price tag around KD130. So my advice is to hold your horses and wait till it officially arrives to Kuwait. Games-wise, the prices were around KD17-KD25 each.

As for the released games so far, I saw:

FIFA 2014

Call Of Duty (COD): Ghosts

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

Battle Field

Kill Zone: Shadow Fall


In Justice 

NBA 2K14

Lego Marvel Superheroes

20131123_200530 (Small)

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