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DSC_4134The Regency hotel has recently added to their list of gourmet food outlets,their very own pastry store which carries a variety of desserts from cakes to fancy,creative cakes.

The Regency Gourmet, as the new store is known, is located inside the hotel adjacent to the lobby. It also carries exclusive flavored Olive oil including the the new tea trend; flower blossom tea and naturally flavored teas.



DSC_4136What attracted me the most about is is that, I don’t have to to sit and have my sweets at the hotel, I can call and order in advance and it will be ready for me to pick up and leave. My favorite choices have to be the red velvet,Opera Cake and Black forest cake which has to be cracked open like an egg!

The prices are surprisingly reasonable for a place like The Regency Hotel.

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I’m sure you all heard about the tragic death of Fast & Furious hunky actor and star, Paul Walker, on Saturday. He was 40. Frankly, this was a shock to me and I’m sure to all of his loyal fans and will undoubtedly leave a big gap in one of the world’s most successful movie franchises. Apparently, he died after a Porsche Carrera GT 2005 crashed into a light standard and burst in flames near Los Angeles (see below), he was the passenger. 

I can’t really imagine how horrific the accident must have been since the Porsche has turned in a complete wreck, seriously scary. Now who would have ever imagined that his death would be caused by a supercar since he was all about furious and death defying racings in F&F movies. There’s no such a car that can save us from certain sudden death if we’re not always careful, million of things can go wrong at any moment of time. Farewell Paul. Paul-Walker-Dead-2871392

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Following the success of the first Kuwait Yacht Show, which ran for Five fully-packed days in January 2013, they planned for a bigger and even better show in 2014.

The 2nd edition of the Kuwait Yacht Show, to be held from 2nd to 7th February, will bring together a mix of yachts, marine equipment, elements essential to the nautical lifestyle and will include in water shows and activities.

The best of Kuwait’s marine dealers and the finest international brands; all gathered together in one fantastic

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1381963225516Oh well, the proof is in the pudding on this one! shocking to see that a popular food outlet would do such to its loyal consumers and is still operating without having been shutdown by the health inspectors in the area. What’s Baladiya doing? Should we always wait until something really bad happens to take an action?

A reader sent in these images to alert us that Hungry Bunny in Egaila is serving a expired products to their customers. Below images look like they were taking from behind the counter.

Thanks [hbjahra!]



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20131122_233737 (Medium)While passing by the Prestige at the Avenues last night I saw what seemed to be a mini museum showcasing some  super expensive clothing and accessory items that were worn by celebrities. I saw under each item there was a brief description and photo of the celebrity that worn the piece. However, I’m not exactly sure if these stuff are for sale or just show.

Note: For high quality, please set the video resolution to 1080P.

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Every year we publish about the ladies yearly racing event RoadRush which takes place at Bahrain International Circuit. This year however, a different kind of rush will take place tomorrow. The RoadRush Carnival will be held at the new Sirbb Circuit next to Ford in front of Tilal. It seems really exciting so do not miss out.

Where: Sirbb Circuit, Classic Cars Museum, Shuweikh.

When: Tomorrow November 30 from 5-10pm 

Phone: 90019109

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direct1231Sports direct, a new athlete clothing outlet, opened last night in Al Rai across from the avenues. The main attraction for the night was not their drop dead low prices but soccer legend Micheal Owen from England. The place was packed inside and out with fans from all ages waiting to get their chance to get a picture with the footballer and poor air conditioning didn’t really make it a pleasant wait.

SAM_0411While there I go to have a look at there footwear price range and must say that is it beyond reasonable. For adults the foot wear prices range between KD 5 t0 KD 39 for adults and between KD10 to KD16 for kids. So do you guys think the prices are competitive compared to other sports shops?




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Missed The British Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, air show yesterday afternoon? You’re not alone because I also missed it. Actually I didn’t even know about it beforehand and thanks to the low profile press media! Such events shall be publicly announced on media like TV, Radio, Newspapers, Blogs, and even Google ads so people can know and get the chance to see it in person. I came back home from work at 3:30 pm and heard the roar of jets but I thought they were just moving from one air base to another.

It’s not everyday you get to see British Air Force in action. I was always a fan of Britsh Air Force, well since I ever watched documentaries on World War II, and it seems that they gave such spectacular show in Kuwait sky near Marina Mall shoreline. No wonder since they are one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams.

Luckily enough, one of our blog readers shared with us such a long video for the whole action. Also, I managed to find some shots online.

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