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20130126_122654 (Medium)Buying a used car can save you a lot but one must be really careful when deciding to buy a used car otherwise it would turn into a nightmare, it’s like hunting for a fresh fish in a big sea of fishes and there are many things to consider such as the car year of manufacture (newer is better), distance drove in KM (mileage, less KMs is better), car place of purchase (locally, GCC, or somewhere else?), exterior body condition (any dents or accidents?), interior condition, engine performance, warranty still valid or expired, and of course price. Recall I told you I was looking for a used car at Al Rai area the other day, I saw there was a new big center selling used car called CarMax, I think total area was over 4,000 sq.m so I decided to have a look inside and see if they got any attractive deals.

20130126_123050 (Medium)Inside it looked like a supermarket for used cars, there were several car brands and models but mostly American and Japanese and some European, I noted they classified cars based on buyers budget. Some cars seemed to be in good condition but some looked relatively old, I checked the prices but I’m not sure if they are the best because I didn’t compare with other places yet. I’m considering either a German or Japanese car-makers preferably SUV but I’m not in a hurry so I’ll take my time to hunt for a hot deal. Those who are considering to buy used cars must also make sure to have them inspected/checked from a trusted place such as the official car dealers, I also heard Al Remal Al Thahabiya at Al Rai area is a good place. So questions are, which places do you recommend for buying used cars in Kuwait? Online like Q8Car or Q8Showroom? Haraj? and what are the most important factors to consider in your opinion.

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21 Responses to “Used cars in Kuwait”

  1. Tuan says:

    Q8car online is a good place to find the right car for you and also people prefer places like sahala and aayan but I would suggest Q8car or take a look at mustafa karam also… Btw whats your budget?

    • El Toro says:

      Thanks Tuan my budget around 8,000 – 12,000 dinar and I’m seeking SUV.

      • Tuan says:

        I would suggest an Audi Q7 or an Escalade as I am not sure if you would like Tahoe`s… You can get an Audi Q7 (2009) for about 9000Kd Or an Escalade (2008) for about 9500Kd. Check out Q8Car!
        But remember for your budget, you get get a brand new Tahoe.
        Good Luck in finding a vehicle….

  2. Q8Rogue says:

    did you consider infiniti SUV or new Toureg?

  3. lasie says:

    Hi a friend of mine is looking for a used car. He has limited budget and he cant be able to pay cash, he can give around 40-50% DP and the rest will be installment. Is there any used car dealers who have this mode of payment. Let me know. Thanks

    • Tazmania says:

      I think Aayan used car dealers use this was, but usually when buying a used car people pay the down payment then use one of the facilitating companies (such as banks and Commercial Facilities Company) to pay for the rest of the amount, then the outstanding amount is paid via monthly installments usually over 2,3,4 or 5 years.

  4. Nixon says:

    there is an app from PM called usedcar car checklist, ITS AMAZING. Also there are many instagram profile that are specifically for used cars.
    Tip: NEVER buy a used car from a dealership that stores it outside.

  5. Handy Man says:

    Can you sell cars there too? I have a 2012 Tahoe LT up for sale if anyone is interested.


  6. Flossie Stipe says:

    What also existed then was the electronic ignition system. but it was inside a plain box whose contents most people do not know. Electronic ignition gave off better spars and was almost maintenance free. But such was only found in higher end cars and were generally not present in most compact cars.,

    Our new internet site

  7. amabel says:

    The Car is still very clean,just 6month old with full options.No accident history,low mileage and perfect fuel consumptionand just like new because i barely use it interested buyer should Contact me

  8. Yusuf says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I have used car Toyota RAV4 2011 model which i want to sell at a very good price. If anyone have interest, you can contact me on my email to discuss. Thank you.

  9. Hamid says:

    If you are looking for used cars in Kuwait and buy directly from owners then check this site Hundreds of used cars are for sale in Kuwait.

  10. christian says:

    I have a Green color mitsubishi colt 1999 (lady use) in a good condition of all parts with well maintenance and regular service.. KM 244000 and want to sell it with the price of 500 – 550.. does your company support to sell it.. thanks

  11. Ralph says:

    I want to sell my 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Prestige Pure in excellent state

    for sell.
    It’s on Low mileage with a perfect history of no mechanical failure throughout the time i had used it.

    If you have $ 16,500 US Dollars,you can be the owner if we agree on a deal.

    I will give discount if buyer is outside my country considering the transportation and delivery cost involved for

    you to receive the car.

    Email me below for further questions on the car..

  12. Ryan says:

    2013 Nissan Pathfinder SUV in excellent condition, Single owner ,No accident Record and car in perfect shape comes with: Power Windows, Leather Steering Wheel,Power Mirrors, Intermittent Wipers, Power Brakes, Fog Lights, Security System.

    Contact me for more information and pictures, Only Serious buyer should contact me.


  13. Victoria Wilson says:

    My Husband want to sell his used 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE it’s in good and in perfect condition. Gulf Specifications
    the car has low millage and has never been in any Accident before.

    Interested buyers should kindly contact me directly to the below :


  14. robin says:

    Thanks for viewing my placed advert regarding my Fairly Used Lexus Lx 570 2013 with and excellent condition, I am the first owner of the car and i used it for few months only and i want to sell it now for just $20,000, Serious buyers should contact me directly to my email address ( ) .

  15. Justin says:

    My Advert is basically placed regarding my 2013 Lexus LX 570 for sale.

    Mileage: 16,103 miles
    Body Style SUV
    Exterior Color White
    Interior Color White
    Stock # P3786
    Engine 8 Cyl
    Transmission Automatic
    Doors 4
    For more information, serious buyer can contact me on

  16. Peter Van Horssen says:

    The 2013 Model Lexus LX570 Gulf Spec Edition with Extremely low Mileage,With exterior color Starfire Pearl and Interior

    color Parchment as well this Vehicle is as good as brand new and has Never been Involved in Any Accident or Scratch,the

    vehicle is graded full option and well maintained.

    I only want serious buyer to contact me :


    God Bless

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