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One of our blog visitors sent us photos for the newly constructed “Kuwait Center for Autism” located at west Mishref area. The building looks modern with such a nice facade, and was opened under the patronage of H.H Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah last month.

Autism  is considered one of the most complex developmental disabilities, which was and still puzzling scientists to know its causes and how to deal with it, and its great to see that Kuwaiti government has developed a specialized center for this disorder to help numerous families.

Also remember that Autism Day is on 2nd of April.

For more information on Kuwait Center for Autism please Click Here

Thanks [Bader]

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59 Responses to “Kuwait Center for Autism opened @ west Mishref”

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  2. kuwait autism centere says:

    hi banana am very happy to c ur post about the center it is offically opened last month amazing opening :) we would be more than honored for u to come and have a tour plus we have the annual charity bazar coming at the end of the month plus the autism day 2april we need ur support :)

    • Tazmania says:

      Oops sadly I didn’t had the chance to attend the official opening, but its never too late, the center looks rather amazing & we are very proud to have such a specialized autism center in Kuwait.

      We are always here to support you with what ever you need.

    • Sharon (mother of a 5 year old boy - autistic child) says:


      Please be so kind to help me find out if “Kuwait Center for Autism” are accepting foreigner children from Philippines? As I have a 6 year old boy who is suffering from autism and I don’t have any idea on where to go and ask for help.

      I would be very grateful to hear your reply.



      • Carmine says:

        Hi! Sharon! Is your son living in Kuwait or in the Philippines?

        • Delwin says:

          Hi Carmine

          My son is autistic, 7 year old. we are Indian national, Is Kuwait Autism center give service to foreigner. Kindly reply. My son is with me in Kuwait now.


  3. ims85 says:

    يم جامعتني الاستراليه كل ما امر اشوفهم

    ودي ازورهم بس ياخوي ادش يقولولي وين داش :)

  4. Samira Al Saad says:

    all r welcome to visit the center..just come and tell reception what u wish to see or meet or leave ur no.and they will arange for appointment with who ever u want…we receive hundreds of visitors from kuwait or outside kuwait….31march to 2nd april is the charity bazar arranged by the center voulenteers ..come and visit …

    • from USA we can help you out to SOURCE PRODUCTS (purchase/pack and ship) as per your requirements, even small quantities.
      e-mail your requirements and we will give you free quotes.
      All the best for the center.
      Best regards,

  5. Ahmed says:

    do they accept foreigner children not Kuwaiti
    please reply to this Email

  6. Hadeel Behbehani says:

    I heard about this center through a friend and later researched online and found this blog and I enjoyed reading it. I got my master in Special Education and I’m very impressed and proud that this center has opened in Kuwait. I would love to come visit and see what it has to offer because I could not really find information on how the center works and what it provides. Thank you for all the work you have been doing.

  7. Dear Madam/Sir,

    We are a specialist in autistic children protection manufacturer.

    we would like to discuss with you about a GPS Monitoring system number one in the world.

    please visite our web site at
    and then let me know if we can discuss later. We are planning to offer this system to the Kuwait Society for Care of Disables and we hope to be interested too in this new and unique technology of protection in the Middle East.

    your feedback will be appreciated

    best regards

    Mobile: +965-99047057 (Kuwait-Middle East office)
    Tel.:+1-514-994-7270 (Canada-H.Q.)

  8. Leny Thomas says:


    I am very excited to hear about evelopmental disability especially Autism is growing as field of study in Kuwait. I am an Indian and was born and did most of my schooling in Kuwait.

    I have just graduated from Waikato University,New Zealand completed my Masters in Applied behavior Analysis and am currently working as an Intern Psychologist for Ministry of Special Education.

    My main focus at present is management of challenging behavior in classroom and also function based interventions.

    My colleague and me would be travelling to Dubai end of this year to conduct few seminars with regards to topics like Funcational Behaviour Assessment,Parent Traning and also Aspergers Syndrome & Autism.

    Please feel free to contact me if any organisations would be interested with regards to any help.


    Leny Philip Thomas
    Intern Psychologist
    Ministry of Special Education
    Ken Browne Drive
    P.O Box 774
    New Zealand
    Mob : 0211661312
    DDI : 07 850 8960

  9. Bienvenido A. Belen Jr says:

    Hi my name is Bienvenido Belen Jr Occupational Therapist,with 8 years of experience as OT and I love to work those children with special needs, Honestly i want to pply as OT eventhough this is not the proper way. My experience and education is my best qualification for applying as OT.Thanks a lot.

  10. Michial A. Templeton says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Michial A. Templeton and I am requesting information on how to apply for a teaching position at the Kuwait Center for Autism.

    I have earned two masters degrees in education (M.Ed Special Education with emphasis on Autism from University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045 and M.Ed. with emphasis in Literacy Studies, from Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO 64110). I currently hold teaching certifications in Maryland and Texas. Texas I began my career in education teaching English and Math to special needs high school students and have experience teaching a variety of subjects at both elementary thru secondary academic levels. I have served as a Remedial Reading teacher (elementary and secondary), Business/Computer department head; a school funds custodian, published school newspapers, Behavior Modification Specialist, Autism Consultant, and developed individualizes education programs to meet a variety of special student needs. I have also earned my TEFL Diploma.

    I am currently working at Manarat School for Special Needs in Salmiya, Kuwait as a teacher with extra duties as Chairman of the Discipline Committee, Chairman of the CIS Social Studies Committee and member of the school CIS Team.

    I have been trained to identify reading issues and develop interventions to overcome them. I have knowledge of the primary learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) with the experience, education, and personal insight to develop personalized programs to meet the education needs of individual students. In addition, I understand how to use available media to maximize awareness of educational opportunities for students.

    A quotation I often heard growing up lends itself to my approach to academic excellence: “Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work.” This applies to my approach to teaching and working with my colleagues.

    I recognize the diversity among students and try to instill the belief “Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work” by example. I teach students the importance of education and it does not matter how fast you learn, as long as you learn. True success is the ability to overcome obstacles. I encourage students to believe in themselves by creating opportunities for them to achieve success and working with them to discover their potential is only limited by what they believe. Most important I make them aware of the responsibility they have to themselves. Only they have the power to control their actions, what they do now determines which doors of opportunities will open in the future.

    Over the years, I have continually refined my teaching philosophy based on personal experience, collaboration with staff members, parent communications and direct student feedback. My current philosophy is “The key to good teaching is to create exposure to knowledge, provide information for processing, and allow time for learning. Always keep the student focused on their potential, remind them of accomplishments, and stress the importance of allowing time to achieve continued success.

    I believe that everyone has the ability to learn provided the learning material is targeted at the appropriate level and presented at the appropriate rate for students understanding of the concept. To me education is the art of making potential students aware of information and skills that could influence individual perceptions of self, community, and the world. The teacher then acts as a facilitator to motivate students by assisting in discovering links between the assignment and their lives; lead student discussions to gain additional insight, and answering/asking questions to enhance comprehension of materials. It is not enough just to learn a concept or ideas; a teacher should be ready to help students apply what they learn in the real world to add value to the lesson.

    I recognize education as a constantly changing field and continue my efforts to keep pace with changes in education to enhance the learning environment of my students. I am continually looking for new methods to improve my, personal knowledge, instructional skills, and student rapport.

    I am intrinsically motivated and enthusiastic with varied work experiences providing me the necessary skills to meet requirements for a variety of positions. My training have taught me to adapt available resources to achieve maximum success and to use current successes as requirements justification to for additional resources.

    To me life is a continual learning experience, this is the example I set for my students. If given the opportunity I could become a valued member of your staff.

    I can be contacted by e-mail at or telephonically at +49-620-1878-7890 or +49-151-5316-1671 (Germany). I can also be reached by telephonically at +965-6709-2444 (Kuwait)

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Michial A. Templeton, M.Ed.

  11. Eman Alawadh says:


    I would like to tell you about a domestic locating device called “Loc8tor Plus” that I have brought into Kuwait, which is used for autistic children, among other things.

    It is cheap, durable, small & light and can be attached to tamper proof, splash proof colourful wrist band for children and functions in several ways, working through radio frequency waves.

    Please contact me if you’re interested or follow our twitter account/ FB page for more information.

    We will also be available at KTown Expo in Movenpick Freezone March 15-16 2012

    Thank you

    Eman Alawadh – Loc8tor

  12. vivian hasan says:

    hi iam vivian from the teem worker in kuwait center of autism and iam very proud of sharing thier happiness today thanks my god for this gift and iwish happy lif for every on fro my kid.wallahi bahbhom awiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  13. ejaz ahmed says:

    hey… i am kiran frm kuwait..i would like to confirm if u take foreigner childrens in ur school n if i can get ur contact number i will be thankful to u..!

  14. Sherine Yacout says:

    I would like to know more about REACH school that is connected to the Center. Thanks

  15. 7amadyyyn says:


    I was wondering if you’re accepting any volunteers to help in the center during the summer. I’m a 3rd year medical student and I would love to volunteer and use my time productively. Is there anyone I can contact regarding this matter? thanks!

  16. Koutar BT says:

    Sehr geehrte meine Damen und Herren,
    mein Name ist Kaoutar Boutejengout, ich komme aus Marokko und habe an der Fachhochschule in Münster Fachberecih Sozailwesen Soziale Arbeit/ Soialpädagogik studiert.
    Ich bin Diplom Sozialarbeiterin/ Sozialpädagogin. und ich finde e sgut, dass es in Kuweit solche Einrichtungen für Autismus. Viel Erfolg

  17. Maggie says:

    Thank you for the great job,Are there any Job openings for foreigners, I am interested and also a mom to Ryan (mild autistic aged 6) to enroll him an I work there.

  18. Renu says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am writing this to express my interest to work as a Intern,volunteer or Assistant ABA therapist with the autistic children at Kuwait Center for Autism.

    I possess a bachelors degree in physiotherapy for which I have worked two years in AL Madeena hospital , India. During my internship and postings I got opportunity to work with children with special needs . In addition I also have completed my master’s degree in Applied psychology and holding Life time Membership of MEPA(Middle East Psychological Association) . Besides furthermore I also possess good interpersonal skills and my previous Work experience will be an asset here.

    Thank you for taking time to review my details. I am also available at your convenience for an interview.



  19. cristy geronimo says:

    dear sir/madame

    my husband and i are both working here in kuwait. we bring our son michael here as tourist this is his second time. he is 25 yrs old, he is child with autism. i need your help on how we can make him as dependent because he doesnt want to go back to our country, philippines. i have a certificate from our country that he is autistic and assesment paper when he was 3 yrs old that he is autistic child. he will finish his tour in august 20. thank u so much

    • Eman says:

      Hi Cristy,
      I have a device for autistic patients that allows them a safe comfortable independent life and peace of mind for yourself as well. If you are interested email me at or call me at 66642034

  20. To Whom this may concern,
    My Name is Terri Louise Alexander, born in West Chester Pa. I am an American living and running my own business in Yoga Therapy.
    I am interested in two things; First i want to have my Son (Abdul Rahman) 14 years, to participate in a computer program workshop for vocational studies.
    and second, offer my expertise as a volunteer in teaching Yoga to your students Once a week.

    Please call me at 97110909.
    Terri L. Alexander

  21. Mariame Boujlil says:

    My name is Mariame,I reside currently in the USA. I am very interested in getting a position at this marvelous center. I am pursuin my degree in Early Childhood Education with a focus on children with Special Needs and particularly autism.
    I am the founder and director of a non profit oragnization whose objective is to raise awareness about autism among the non English speaking community affected by autism( as I speak fluently 5 languages).
    I am a mother of a 9 years old son who was diagnosed with autism at age 28 months.

    My email:




  22. Dear sir,
    We are a Small Autistic School in Bangladesh. The Awareness on Autism is just building in our country for a few years. As you know Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. With more than 164 million individuals (2010) in a country the resulting population pressures are huge. If you are living in Bangladesh, you are likely to be poor and very vulnerable to natural disasters. some 45 percent of the population is under the age of 15. Bangladesh ranks 146 out of 187 countries on the United Nations Development Programme’s 2011 human development index.( references:

    In these circumstances We are a group of friends have opened an Autistic School named Advanced School For Special Children on ouw own effort & funding. Our primary objective is to make people aware of AUTISM, building up social consciousness, provide best possible facilities to the Autistic Children s & MAke infrastructural development throughout the country.

    Currently we can afford giving therapy to 10-20 students for a minimum amount of money. But its becoming a great difficulties to maintain such huge expenses like Office rent,utility fees, teachers payment, employee payment & other cost. Still we are maintaining the expenditures with our minimum resources.

    We would like to know whether there is an opportunity or not to apply for a grant from your institution regarding autism & other socio/human development project. We invite you to participate & work with us with anything grant or whatever you recommend.

    Looking forward hearing from you sir.

    Advanced School For Special Children (ASSC)

  23. Pramod says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    One of my friend son 4 year who was diagnosed with autism he need treatment. can you tell us how much cost its come.


  24. Joshi says:

    i am an Indian i am live in kuwait since 1997. my son has autisam can i get help/traning from kuwait center of autisam please mail me. thanks

  25. Hi, We have opened an Autistic School at Dhaka Bangladesh at a small premises. Autism awareness is totally new in Bangladesh. We look forward for everyone’s help.

  26. Abdul Raheem says:

    Hello,Iam an Indian I live in kuwait since many years. My son who is three years is suffering from autism.Can I get help from Kuwait center for autism.Kindly help me please.Thanks.

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  31. Chang Rodino says:

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  40. Hello,
    I am Jagadeesan an Indian would like to know whether my son 9year old case of autism can get training in Kuwait autism center as we are living in Kuwait and he was born in Kuwait.

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  49. Danzil says:

    Dear Sir,

    We want to inquire about this place. my son is 7 years, and he is Autistic. Need O.T. Kindly send me cost of the treatment.

    best regards

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