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I’m seriously considering going back to gym and start working-out since I put on several extra KG’s and my six packs had vanished, I blame this on my recent food binge and sweets !

 The question is; which gym or fitness center should I join? There are things that can help me decide such as the facilities, location, hygiene, and of course the price.

So, I decided to re-visit the popular fitness centers in Kuwait to decide; Oxygen, Platinum, Flex Fitness, Champions, Stretch Fitness, Al Corniche Club, and Crowne Plaza were the ones I checked.

All had swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam room, massage sessions, and of course parking. They were all clean and nicely located, but the main difference was the membership prices.

Some had reasonable prices while others were more expensive; there were also promotions and discounts.

Personally, I’m not seeking super luxurious fitness center because all I need is one hour a day and I’m out, but some may not mind spending more for more luxury.

Also, some offered private trainers, but I just don’t need that yet. For exact prices you can easily contact them, and they’ll provide you with brochures.

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73 Responses to “Gym and Health Clubs prices in Kuwait”

  1. Q8rogue says:

    Nice comparison thanks

  2. The Champion Health Club is THE BEST in Kuwait no doubt about it & it’s 490 KWD per year. It’s a promotion so get it while it lasts!

  3. enigma says:

    Check out Crown Plaza, I hear it’s clean and the prices are amazing.

  4. j.z.j says:

    I’m a member at Flex Executive, but r u sure from the annual and 6 months prices? Cuz when I’ve joined them last Jan the 1 year membership was 420-430kd mo akthar!

    For me I’ll choose the one with personal Trainer, no za7ma.. B3den afaker bel parking ;p

    Why u didn’t include CoreFitness, Rush, and Aymstrong? They have a new style of working out with 25-30min per day and u can choose from 2 to 4 days

    • Tazmania says:

      Regarding Flex prices, I visited them today and asked about the prices and they gave me a list, maybe they gave me the top membership prices?

      As for CoreFitness, Rush, and Aymstrong, like you said they are different and uses new concept for exercising, so If I compare them with normal gyms it won’t be valid. I’m considering to post about them separately in a future post and compare them with each other.

      • j.z.j says:

        Yeah Maybe! Cuz KD595 will be overpriced, ma yeswa etha bedon Trainer, for a personal trainer they will ask u to pay more I don’t have the prices now but I remember for 3months kan KD210 and I’ve checked my last voucher it was KD410 with 12 free Massage that I didn’t use :p

        Waiting for ur new post ;)

  5. AmalikRunner says:

    Wow I’m going to love this one and I will be very outspoken. First, I was a member at Oxygen for 2 years (And for those who are unaware it is a racist gym) Please go to a oxygen and tell them you are not a ‘Kuwaiti’ and see what the reception tells you.

    At first when I registered I was asked if I’m a kuwaiti citizen and obviously not – so they got approval from the manager as an American making an exception to become a member.

    2 years on some racism members complained, I was called by the manager and blacklisted because I’m not kuwaiti (Worst gym ever, this is my opinion.) Go and test yourself :)

    2 – Gym prices in Kuwait are over-priced.

    3 – Champions is the same story – They do not take opinions and suggestions. I was a member for 1 year and the attitude of one of the managers was very rude and I complained, next day? surprise! I was told I cannot be allowed anymore just because the owner and the manager are close friends.

    4- Most gyms in Kuwait need to keep their members up to date, keep reception staff smiling and pleasant and have trainers who are polite.

    5 – Gyms in Kuwait are about steroids and they do not care about your health, it is about your wealth.

    Many more facts I can state but hey as some employee at wataniya said ‘In Kuwait you cannot express openly’ so I don’t want trouble knocking on my door because of some ‘waasta influenctional man making calls’ and saying I insulted his image, lol, just go away, damn I’m angry.

    Woo, I feel better now – Thanks Abdullah for saving my butt for letting me speak so bluntly.

  6. The 2rk8 says:

    I’m in oxygen 9arli 2 months ta8reeban, ihwa momtaz mn na7yat el2jhiza o el location o elprices, bs elmoshkila elwa7eeda elza7ma! 24/7 za7ma

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  8. Basel says:

    flex when they open b4 3 years was very good , now very very bad , from every side .

    i don’t recommend it at all

  9. DarkWolf80s says:

    You forgot to add one important gym to that list and that’s Challenge located in Shaab area next to York Complex. That gym is great and has reasonable prices especially annual.

    Another note you need to add is regarding Platinum Gym.

    Each Platinum Gym are have different annual prices. The cheapest one is in Salmiya. Also, if you have joined a Platinum Gym in one area, you cannot use that same membership card to go to a different Platinum Gym. This is an issue because lets say you’re a member at Platinum Kaifan and the next day you’ve left a work meeting from a total different area in Salmiya and you’ve already taken your supplements and ready to hit the gym. The closest gym to you is the Platinum Salimya, you wanted to go there but you can’t because you’re a member at Kaifan.

  10. karl says:

    Prices are way too high for middle class people like me. Guess I have to stay running at seaside and use the stairs until I can find a good gym with a reasonable price.

    • Tazmania says:

      I recall some really cheap gyms with monthly subscription as low as 12 K.D but the problem is the bad facilities, cleanness, and location.

      • karl says:

        Are there any GOOD gym around Salmiya that does not cost that much? I felt that those gym above is for people getting more than 1000kd/month. Or maybe something that is for middle class people? It doesn’t have to have sauna, swimming pools or those luxurious add-on, Just a clean cozy place to work out?

        Just out of curiosity, how many of their members are asians?

  11. Each Platinum Gym are have different annual prices. The cheapest one is in Salmiya. Also, if you have joined a Platinum Gym in one area, you cannot use that same membership card to go to a different Platinum Gym. This is an issue because lets say you’re a member at Platinum Kaifan and the next day you’ve left a work meeting from a total different area in Salmiya and you’ve already taken your supplements and ready to hit the gym. The closest gym to you is the Platinum Salimya, you wanted to go there but you can’t because you’re a member at Kaifan

    wrong note :
    Ask for the Elite membership where you can visit all Platinum Branches.

    Thank You

  12. anonymous says:

    I’m a girl…ill give you my feedback on champions and flex since I believe they’ll be the same for men and women.

    Flex used to be some 400 KD a year…. last week I went it was 850KD/year! Shda3wa!? The bathroom/changing room is filthy. The classes are good, the trainers are not bad, the atmosphere? Shala2 beyond shala2… i do enjoy a lot of enthusiasm and some “haa” yelling while punching or something….bs to me it sounded like I was in a whore house. The reception attitude mo 6abee3i.

    Champions: Very clean. I love how clean the changing rooms and toilets are. The staff are super friendly. However, the staff is incompetent beyond belief. I don’t know about the guys gym… bas the girls imbayin ina she spent on it.. bas 3ala wala shay! just huge areas that offer NOTHING. ilthoq karitha. I reallly feel frustrated being there for a while…SOOOO many colors, including the lights (which are green and blue.. not regular white!!) Also… I have made MANY suggestions.. and have talked to the owner/co-owner.. whoever the lady is… and NOTHING was done. The schedules change every two days…none of the classes is particularly challenging. Like I said.. the trainers are super sweet, but I really don’t feel they know what they’re doing. They can work with complete beginners and the elderly. I feel bad saying anything negative since they’re nice, but I have to be honest.

    Also… both gyms have crazy offers all year long which makes me distrust them. One day its 850 the next it could get to 400.

  13. מה הקשר בן תג מחיר, השוואת מחירים, וגם דילים לחו”ל?
    כנסו ותגלו!:

  14. קורס ברמנים says:

    We’re a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with helpful information to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community shall be grateful to you.

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  16. BKT says:

    Crowne Plaza ( V.BAD )
    2-they’re no new staff all what they do is takin money from people
    3-to much children in the swimming pool its like aquapark not a gym
    4-no weight available
    5-bad people
    6- the men there very x when they c a women they looking at her like if they want 2 eat her ;p

    if u want 2 play good at crowne plaza go from 11pm 2 4 am

  17. فـهـد says:

    أفشل نــــادي بلاتينيوم لعبت فيه 6 شهور نادي فاشل بكل ماتحمله الكلمه من معنـــى احسن شي فيه برادات الماي اجهزه قليله جدأّ مو لكمال اجسام كلش حق سويدي والكباتن أفشل منهم مافيه

    أوكسجيـن نــادي الوحــوش أفضل نــادي كباتن اجهزه نفسية النادي كل تماام

  18. Sportish says:

    i deffinatly recommend flex its the bestt!

  19. manyyears says:

    Hello there, over the years I became member of many health clubs in Kuwait, including Champions, platinum, oxygen, flex, victory, KCD!!..etc
    I noticed in all that the traniers are there only to improve there own bodies, they will provide you with some guidance on day one, and then you are on your own, they spend time chatting with their musclar friends, and many go out every now an dthen to smoke, not a good example…
    except at the small gym called KCD, on Khansa street in Salmiya, the trainers work with me daily and give few minutes of guidance like he give everyone else, it si well equiped, and reasonable price. the reason I left them is because they change their trainers and became like other gyms… I am now looking for a gym not necessarily fancy, but rather with good traniers who are doing their jobs with the members an not chatting with thier friend all the time… I really do not care much this will cost…. ooo and I am not looking for personal trainer,,, I am looking for a healthy environement where every staff member is doing his job well
    any recommendations

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  21. Glince says:

    what about the holiday inn gym or palm anyone can enlighten us abt these 2 gym thanks ..

    • BKT says:

      Holdy in gym .. To small and from every thing ther is 1 only !!
      And they don’t have everything in the gym
      Its not for fitness or bodybulding ..
      My living room in my home is bigger :p

  22. khaled says:

    hi , its my 1st time here in kuwait & am on a visit till the 29th of this month and i didnt knew that staying here will give me a big stomach , so i dont need a fancy gym with swimming pools and saunas n so on . i need just a gym with treadmill and a coach just to give me a 10 days program without feel the obligation of mentoring me, if anybody could help me it’ll be really nice .

    P.S = am not really fond about gyms , so in my budget plan 20 k.d for those 10 days =D i think its really fair . thnxx

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  24. Elisa says:

    you can try curves its only 30 minutes workout

  25. Cass says:

    I am American, I’m considering taking a teaching position in the country. Do they have a gym where women can go? I’m assuming because of the conservative beliefs men and women can’t workout at the same gym. Any information would be great.

    • George Marcus says:

      Hi, actually today I heard about an incredible offer for the health club in Palms Beach Resort.
      It is an offer for a couple of teachers for 750kd a year.

      I am interested in that offer but I don’t have a collegue.

      My no is 55907017, if you are interested let me know.

    • Mansoor M.K. says:

      crown plaza in Farwaniya (close to airport), they have suppurate for women. And reasonable price. Most foreigners drop by and have weekly or yearly membership (they might be air hostess or related to crown plaza hotel)

  26. Aziz says:

    Hi Cass, I suggest you go to either the corniche club or the palms. Theyre both mixed gyms (which means both guys and girls workout) and thats where all the Americans/Europeans go to workout.

  27. sandeep says:

    hi, im sandu im from india for a veccation here. i would like to get a good gym here for make ma body multy.and i hope you guys you can help me.

  28. Elle says:

    what’bout Curves? my friends tried it n say it’s v. good.

  29. abdelrahman says:

    iwant to know the price pf platinum gym in salmia

  30. abdelrahman says:

    ??????? ??????? ?????

  31. BKT says:

    No , platinume salmya 35kd
    Platinume kaifan is 50kd

  32. Ccoctail says:

    KCD is in Khansa street it is connected to Kuwait diving club in the same steet, in Salmiya

  33. Rawan says:

    What’s the price for curves a month? And can i get a personal trainer there?

  34. Aniyan Nambiar says:

    Can any one recommend a decent Health Club with family package (Reasonable rate)?? Any Indore sports clubs with Swimming pool in and around Salmiya / Rumaithiya? Please get back with either Contact or Location details. I prefer some thing close to Salmiya.

  35. AAA says:

    I am a 14 year old male looking to lose weight and get buffffff. lool. im looking for a clean gym not too overpriced bc i will not go too much. if any1 has any suggestions plz tell me.

  36. Muhammad says:

    Hey there … nice post.
    I’m about to join Platinum Salmiya, a buddy of mine considers it a suicide! He thinks if I’m after cheap budget I should join Kaifan Branch! To me it’s pretty far , living in Mishref.
    Any suggestions ?
    My target is mainly cardio – pool – areobics + abs, so I need a place with good attentive trainers. Obviously a good environment would be great.
    Any HELP please ?

  37. Me13 says:

    I’m 13 year old girl lookin’ for a great clean gym with a pool not overpriced! With good trainers thats all :D so does anyone reccomand flex/ champion madry champions ?

  38. The dance diva says:

    I have been a member at corniche club for two years now. I can only say its amazing

  39. Thiru says:

    The Ras Salmiya Health Club is 150 KD per year! They even give 3 months extra if you sign up this week. It has all the equipment! Only men are allowed though.
    Holiday Inn is running a promotion. 250 KD for a year with 2 month freeze allowed. So that is a good deal too if you are looking for a mixed gym!

  40. Will says:

    I just arrived here a few weeks ago and I am a trainer from
    The states side but I also trained individuals to become Proessional Wrestlers(sports entertainers)
    And looking to start a pro wrestling school to teach the art form of wrestling, developing characters and personas, the art of cutting a promo(the interview) and projecting your character to the audience. So am looking to be a Coach/Trainer at a gym so I can get this thing rolling. Been around wrestling since 1986 and wrestled going on 11years actively…Salaam

  41. Gopan says:

    We would like to inform you about our new company MAGIC TOUCH Technical service which we have started in Kuwait recently with an objective of providing technical aid and services in Fitness & Massage Equipment’s….we have good experience in this field and because of that we assure you reliable and timely service at the right time.We undertake all Preventive & Corrective Maintenance & Repairing of fitness equipment’s especially in cardiac exercise machines like Treadmills,Elliptical Machines,Stair Steppers,Stationary Bikes,Rowing Machines and also Massage Equipment’s like Massage chairs,beds, cushions etc….We understand the value of customer satisfaction and our service will be an asset to your company.We are happy to hear from you soon.

    Contact us.. email

    Telephone 99974283

  42. gunadasa senaviratna says:

    dear sir
    i am from sri lanka.i worked in qatar ”gold’s gym abut 7years.i have got more experiance,now i am liveing in sri lanka..
    i need you contact information


  43. coldpisces says:

    Hatha yoga

  44. Mike says:

    I am an American looking for a gym in Mahboula, does anyone have any recommendations?



    • Kevin says:

      Mike, check out Platinum. It’s clean and well equipped. It has a nice indoor pool and hot tub (though the hot tub is frequently down for repairs for long stretches). The current cost is 40KD per month. There are a few (not many) Americans that go there. It’s usually not too crowded. WARNING – They told me that you can use your membership at any location in Kuwait. That is NOT true. I found out the hard way, you can only use it at the branch where you purchased your membership. Also the parking situation is not good, especially in the evening. There is no one monitoring the parking and several times I’ve been blocked in. Recent construction has made it more difficult to get into the parking lot to begin with.

    • Kevin says:

      There is also a Swiss Gym not far from the Sultan Center in Mangaf that was 30KD per month last time I checked (not too far from Mahboula). It has a pool also. Titanium Shark in Mahboula is probably the best deal price wise, but there is no pool.

  45. Dr. Ehsan Eldaraa says:

    what about family membership for a mother, a father and 2 daughters ( 15,12 years old)

  46. Emerald Mease says:

    Most elliptical trainers work the user’s upper and lower body (although some models do not have moving upper body components). Though elliptical trainers are considered to be minimal-impact, they are an example of a weight-bearing form of exercise. ”,-

    See you in a bit http://www.livinghealthybulletin.comli

  47. Clare says:

    Any good gyms for females in the Mahboula area? Not the Holiday Inn- badly equipt…

  48. It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and
    it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest you some interesting things or suggestions.
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  49. supun says:

    is this gyms possible for 13 years old

  50. barnes says:

    hi i worked in flex as a trainer at first it was whatever you need and than things changed the start getting mean they hold your passport like you are their prisoner.the trainer there no education they don’t know what they were doing had hard time in that club they don’t care about anything other than getting there money they gave me hell .i try to quit the wouldn’t let me because the had my passport havent seen any controlling people like that.

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