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Warhran has launched the new Burberry perfume under name My Burberry. the first launching is in Harvey Nichols avenues. what is new this time, they can write your initials on the perfume as shown down”BQ” what makes it a very special gift. Customising the perfume is available till 25th of this month. as a lover to Burberry i found this one the best to have in burberry it has the spirit of their perfumes but much stronger and last for a long time.







اطلقت مجموعه وهران عطر الجديد باسم سنتال رويال من جيرلان ولفترة محدودة . يتميز العطر برائحته ألعربيه التقليديه فهو يتكون العطر من خشب الصندل والورد ومجموعه زهور فرنسية نادره والياسمين والجلد . لم يذكر جيرلان مصدر خشب الصندل مما ميز هذا العطر عن باقي العطور. متوفر العطر في دبنهامز الافنيوز حتى 10-12-2014
Lately Wahran group has launched exclusively the  limited edition new Guerlain perfume Santa Royal. What’s unique in this perfume it smells like old Arabic perfumes and Oud smell. It’s made of sandalwood, roses,leather,jasmine and french flowers. Guerlain refused to reveal what kind of sandalwood he is using to keep it the secret behind the smell of this perfume. This perfume is available exclusively in avenues Debenhams till 10-12-2014 but it will be back in 2015 but they never mentioned when.




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They finally did it! I just read that MOH will now deploy air ambulances for transportation of patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes, finally! What took them all those years to finally take this crucial step is totally beyond me! This would definitely help saving lives because every minute counts.

The unbearable traffic congestion during rush hours coupled with the abuse of emergency lanes in Kuwait has made it near impossible for medical services team to reach the accident scene in a short time. I overheard that in some cases its taking over one hour from onset of an accident for the paramedics to arrive. Hopefully with the introduction of air medical services this problem will be largely solved. According to the sources, the responsible medical teams are now under one month training and the actual implementation will commence shortly afterwards. Thanks MOH!

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Microsoft office has launched a new Microsoft office programs applications for iPhone including word excel PowerPoint. The new feature about their application that you can edit, create and save for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

iphone iphone2

It’s still not available in Kuwait store, you have to change your store to US store then download it.
Worth the try!

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Now this is quite terrific, they did it with Souk Mubarkia and now it seems they finally agreed to do the same with Salem Al Mubarak Street in Salmiya. Municipality is moving forward to turn Salem Al Mubarak Street into pedestrians only street. Yes, that means no more looking left and right when crossing the streets because no cars will be allowed.

I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years, literally! I mean isn’t it fun to only see people walking and shopping just like in Europe. They also intend to further develope the area which is great. However, this makes me wonder where will cars park since there’s not any parking lot in the vicinity. It’s about time!

Image source [link]

salem mubarak st

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الكاميرات الجديده في الكويت تصور حارة الامان وحزام الامان بالاتجاهين واستعمال الهاتف . موجوده اخر الدائري الخامس مقابل الافينيوز.

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Lately we can notice  increasing awarness in healthy life style  here in Kuwait  by increasing number of dietitians, playing sport, going to gyms, following hundreds of healthy tips accounts on Instagram, and having healthy food. Here in my post i’ll introduce one of the most interesting, effective and body toning sports which is Zumba.

Zumba Fitness is great fun and an excellent way to burn those calories,  weight loss and tone the body. Dance, have fun and burn between 500-1000 calories per hour.

Recently Zumba classes are everywhere and in every gym in Kuwait,  some people are giving only Zumba classes in centers or at their houses.

For those busy people or housewives who doesn’t have time to attend Zumba classes. I found several interesting Zumba channels which you can sneak an hour to do it during your day.

1. Zumba France

2. CrazyGirlsTV

3. ZumbaTwiinz

4. Alejandro A

5. Lauren Fitz

6. Arijana Estrup

7. Muh Arruda

8. Zumba Fitness

9. Patrick SweatnDance



Finally I visited Qout market for the first time on last Saturday. At the first sight the place looked very spacious and very organized.

For those who doesn’t know what is it exactly, it’s an exhibition for small businesses-most of them are food business- established on the first Saturday of each month.

Compared to other exhibitions I’ve visited before, Qout had different, new and unique ideas in food, fashion, home accessories, food supplements and kids’ toys.
I tried there some Afghan pickles which was very tasty, watermelon juice -was very refreshing in the hot weather-, some biscuits and ice-cream.
The good thing about it that it had categorized booths, all booths under same category in one place. Some booths also had playing area for kids and activities like painting and puzzles so your kids can enjoy their time while you are shopping.
I posted below some of booths pictures which caught my eye yesterday.

I liked the idea that loyac were selling a re-cycling bags  for people to use while shopping.

looking forward to the next one!



















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